This institutiqon is an equal opportunity provider.

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Children participate in a variety of individual and group activities designed to develop and enhance intellectual, language, physical, social and emotional growth..The daily activities are designed to provide appropriate experiences in these areas.


Our weekly thematic units provide opportunities for growth and development. Science, mathematics, pre-reading, small motor-skills, social development and understanding feelings are integrated into our daily lessons. Community helpers, pets, dinosaurs, feelings, five senses, farm and seasons are just a sample of the interesting and educational themes that are taught.

Our preschool curriculum has a focus on reading readiness and early childhood math concepts preparing your child to excel in the public school setting.

Enrichment programs of Music and Sign Language are provided weekly at no additional cost!

Before & after school program

At Bright Basics we offer a before and after school program. Drop off your child early in the morning before school. We provide a nutritious breakfast and early morning supervision, then a safe ride to school. After school we provide a snack, then a full schedule of fun and games.


Summer Camp

Fun summer camp activities are offered for school-age children. Campers participate in a variety of activities during the day including: daily unit thematic lessons, reading, games, arts & crafts, and field trips to the movies, pool and bowling. Swim lessons are offered by certified instructors at the city pool.