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In life we are always grateful for those who help rear our children when we cannot be present. Bright Basics has been my kids' home away from home for many years. We have been blessed to have had the many teachers that have been in each of thier classes. They treat them with RESPECT and have loved them for who they are and have not tried to change them. There has been many difficult decisions/challenges with our kids in regard to outside influences and the teachers have been my support and friends in making some very crucial decisions. Bright Basics is one of a kind! I love you all. I know my kids will miss you. Thank you for the tremendous difference you have made in the lives of our children. You guys truly make a difference.

Kyle and Lisa - Parents of Blaike, 6 and Austin, 5


Several years ago I walked through the door of the daycare seeking help in caring for a little boy. I needed a place I could trust to provide care - not just in watching him so he didn't get hurt - but to genuinely care for him, give him hugs and support.

How fortunate I was to have walked through your doors. Thank you, each of you , for the care, support and encouragement you offered. I am truly blessed to have found you.

Shelby - Grandmother of Sean


I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for the remarkably excellent care you have provided for Sierra all these years. Words cannot express the level of my appreciation. Bright Basics has given Sierra an amazing foundation on which to grow throughout her life and I am so amazed by how much she has learned and changed throughout her time there. I hope you realize on a daily basis what a tremendously beneficial influence you have on the lives of these children. Bright Basics has always far exceeded my expectations. It seems everyone is constantly going the extra mile to make Sierra feel welcome and secure. Nobody is apathetic or indifferent or just looking for a paycheck. It is obvious that the entire staff loves these children. You are truly making the world a better place, one child at a time.

Lori and Michael - parents of Sierra